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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 19:56


This is a true story that is mostly very exciting, writing in comparison to other stories on this page, but it was unusual for me and January are both 50 and have a good sex life, but in these days it is especially in the doors, but again and again we met to searchgals have sex in our back garden alone ( yards). This particular night the wife and I had been in a couple of drinks at Basingstoke and when Jan was under the influence of a few drinks, I suggested we go a little outdoor fun and games. Fortunately and to my delight is in agreement, so we headed to the pits of lemon. I knew this place a local car park next to the A30, I've read so far are on this site. There were only a few cars in the parking lot, Jan scared a little, searchgals but after a few minutes and that is until we have a bit of canoodling. After a while, things get a little heavier and it was not long before Jan had wit your hand in my pants and had searchgals her blouse and bra and was making a controlh large breasts and stiff nipples. However, this was a parking lot and as expected the cars come and go ad hock. Unfortunately Jan Jan was very nervous about the state of their searchgals nakedness and hid every time searchgals a car came and went. I said, do searchgals not worry about the other cars, because no one bothered us. Finally, and not before time, to provide for themselves when they realized that no one wanted to park nearby. But not the kind of prisoners are in this particular parking lot at this time especially at night. Needless to say, some leaving their vehicles have been known to walk and go to a seizure. As I said, I've read stories about the lime pits so it was no surprise, if I move a number of dark shadows in different parts of the parking lot saw. However, I 'd say it's intimidating when you have movement in the door and the pale face is visible, what has happened on this occasion. JanuaryHigh pressure was seen in the passenger seat and nibbled and sucked my nipples, as she looked into the face of the rear window. I watched, as I try Jan 's breasts, to show a way, Jan, think the best way, sucks. I half sat, exposed by Jan 's tits and took the opportunity to searchgals repair the zipper of his pants. Then he opened the matter and bring the sides, so you can slide down his hips. Then I realized that the person outside the passenger window so I suspect there is a closer look postponed to January I'm pants Jan to mid-thigh, as she grabbed my arm and told me what far enough. No problem, I thought I could clearly see the outline of her red lace searchgals pants and no doubt the man outside, they may be exposed along with the upper body of Jan. Then I went to suck on her left breast before wound on my right hand on your belly and into his pants. January opened her legs and let me see your cup hBreezy Hill in my hand before he slipped two fingers just in her pussy soaked. She opened her mouth as I slid my fingers inside her. Then he tried to pull down her panties again, but she grabbed my hand and told me not to pull down. Then I asked him what was wrong. She took me to her and said he wanted to show that man is too. I must say I was surprised and shocked if that was possible. January laughed and said he saw him a few minutes looking out searchgals the window and froze. However, said she has a chill in the back and was excited at the thought that someone was in a state of nudity. I was also now that I knew was there and she was thrilled to test emotion. Without further ado, I put my right hand again in her panties and started a good rub and stuck my fingers in my pussy wet. Jan was so excited. Her legs opened and began to moan and groan when he was gone. In all pJanuary Assion pants later were forced her thighs and knees, so it was exposed and in sight of our attractions such as the fingers slid searchgals inside. Within a minute or two of her moans increased searchgals and lifted up and arched her back, and explodes. We were panting after steaming anger, but when he looked the man had disappeared. We must go quickly dressed and ready. As the car park to the Links Jan talked twenty to the dozen or so they told me they do not know what they about and feel incredibly sexy to get naughty and mischievous. Needless to say, when we got home we got into bed and silly Shagged each other. Jan was the heat for the rest of the week almost non-stop sex relive the moment again and again. We must admit that we have the experience to another level and certainly an experience that will force resumed. Jan is already there, to show some new software attractive to speak at our next adventure. I must admit that, deep down IEverything you hope will come out next time.
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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 19:55

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